AboutAbout Hualan

1992 ·Hualan Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in XinXiang, Hena, China


1995 ·Human Albumin was approved for manufacturing and marketing in China


1996 ·The first company in China implemented the automatic Apheresis human plasma collecting machine, which guarantees the product quality and donor’s safety. 
“Reputation depends on quality and safety”, Mr. Chen Minzhang, Minister of Health (at the time), made the inscription for the company during his inspection.

          ·The State Ministry of Health issued the No. 48 document, designating Hualan Bio as the pilot enterprise for the “automatic human plasma collection" 
          ·An enterprise credited with a rating of AAA


1997 ·The first company for the blood products in China adopted the “Automatic Vial Sterilization and Filling Line” to assure the consistence and stability of the products.
          ·“Human Immnoglobulin” was approved for manufacturing and marketing
          ·Became a member of Chinese Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises
          ·Implemented the computer-based fingerprint identification system and remote network system for the management of plasma donation centers 
          ·IVIg (PH4) was approved for marketing


1998 ·Implemented the “LOOK BACK” system to ensure the safety and reliability for all human plasma used in the production
          ·Recognized as the Henan Provincial “Excel Foreign Investment Enterprise”
          ·The first enterprise received GMP-compliant Certificate for the blood products in China 
          ·Awarded as the National Torch High-tech Model Enterprise


1999 ·PCC, Lyophilized approved for production and marketing


2000 ·Human Coagulation Factor VIII, Lyophilized approved for production and marketing
          ·Evaluated as the National Key High-tech Enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology in China


2001 ·More than 2 virus inactivation processes with different mechanisms were used in the manufacturing of human immunoglobulins and coagulation products to guarantee its safety.


2002 ·Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin approved for manufacturing and marketing
          ·Human Fibrin Sealant, Lyophilized approved with a National New Drug Certificate and production permission.
          ·Hualan Post-Doctoral Workstation approved by the State Ministry of Human Resources 
          ·Human Tetanus Immunoglobulin approved for manufacturing and marketing


2003 ·Bio-Pharmaceutical Engineer & Technology Research Center of Henan Province approved by the Bureau of Science and Technology, Henan.
          ·Ranked as Top 30 State Pharmaceutical Enterprise 
          ·Passed the on-site inspection by Indian FDA


2004 ·Passed the GMP inspection and validation for updating the certificate
          ·Products exported to India


2005 ·The stock rose more than 1000%.
          ·The subsidiary company: Hualan Biological Bacterin Co., Ltd. was founded


2006 ·Selected by Forbes as the winner of “TOP 100 IPO Enterprises with Greatest Potential in China” for straight 2 years


2007 ·Awarded with the “Top 100 IPO Company” in China
          ·Influenza Vaccine (Split Virion), Inactivated approved for manufacturing and marketing


2009 ·Awarded with the 20 Best Developing Potential IPO Company in China
          ·Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine Group ACYW135 approved for manufacturing and marketing


2010 ·Ranked Top in the 100 Best Market Value Management IPO Company in China 
          ·Recombinant Hepatitis B Vaccine approved for manufacturing and marketing


2011 · Hualan Bio gained the National Level Enterprise Technology Center and Chinese well-known trademark 


2013 · Hualan Genetic Engineering Co., Ltd was established 


2015 · Influenza Vaccine passed WHO Pre-qualifcation 


2016 · WHO on-site evaluation of Meningococcal Vaccine