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Facts about Rabies

Facts about Rabies

It is often fatal after appearing rabies symptoms. Rabies can infect both domestic animals and wild animals, as well as it will be transmitted to humans through animal bites or scratches (usually through saliva). The initial symptom of rabies is fever, and the wound is often painful or abnormally pricked. Thorough cleaning of the wound or vaccination within a few hours after being bitten can prevent the onset of rabies.

More than 59,000 people die of rabies every year. More than 95 % of human rabies cases occur in Asia and Africa, mainly involving children. Rabies is transmitted from animals to people, and the number of cases bitten by dogs exceeds 99 %. Rabies is a neglected disease. The poor and weak people who have limited access to health care become major risk groups.

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Cleaning the wound can saving life. After being bitten, the wound must be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water immediately. And seek medical consultation immediately. Vaccination of Anti-Rabies Vaccine is required, and Human Rabies Immunoglobulin may be required in serious cases.

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