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Vaccine: A Powerful Means to Ensure High-Quality Health Coverage

Vaccine: A Powerful Means to Ensure High-Quality Health Coverage

Vaccine is a public health intervention to improve health, maintain world safety and serve the vulnerable population, and is undoubtedly one of the most life-saving public health interventions in history. It’s estimated that immunization can save about 2.5 million lives each year and protect millions from disease and disability.

Disease knows no boundaries. Although millions of lives can be saved by immunization every year, the epidemic is still happening due to the low immunization coverage in many parts of the world.

Immunization is the key to ensuring high-quality health coverage and an important investment in achieving sustainable development goals, including those not directly related to health. If children are healthy, the money spent on medical expenses can promote other priorities and the community can flourish. Immunization should be taken as a priority and efforts should be made to increase immunization coverage so that everyone in every part of the world can be protected against "commonly prevented diseases".

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