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Harbour BioMed and Hualan Genetic Announced Collaboration to Develop Multiple Antibody Drugs

Harbour BioMed and Hualan Genetic Announced Collaboration to Develop Multiple Antibody Drugs

HBM and Hualan Genetic will jointly promote the development and commercialization of innovative antibody drugs

Suzhou CN, Xinxiang CN, Cambridge, MA, Rotterdam, NL. Harbour BioMed (HBM) today announced a strategic partnership agreement with Hualan Genetic Engineering Co.,Ltd (Hualan Genetic) to develop Harbour’s three proprietary innovative monoclonal antibody and bispecific antibody drugs as therapeutic treatments for multiple tumors.

Utilizing its proprietary H2L2 and HCAb fully human transgenic mouse platforms, HBM has developed a series of novel antibody drugs against oncology and immunoloigical diseases, among which multiple drugs have already entered the preclinical and clinical stage. In particular, based on the unique transgenic mouse platform for generating fully human heavy chain only antibodies (HCAb), HBM has developed an immune cell engager platform HBICE™, and one product of the cooperation with Hualan Genetic is HBICE™ bispecific antibody.

Hualan Genetic has been dedicated to R&D and the production of monoclonal antibodies, recombinant human coagulation factors, recombinant hormone drugs. To date, the company has 19 recombinant protein products under development and 7 monoclonal antibody products that received approval for the clinical trial, among which several are under Phase III clinical study. Hualan Genetic is a novel biopharmaceutical company specializing in R & D, production and sales with product indications covering a dozen major diseases, including breast cancer, melanoma, lung cancer, colorectal cancer and diabetes mellitus.

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"This cooperation with Hualan Genetic again proves the advantage of HBM in the field of innovative antibody drugs R & D globally. HCAb antibody shows the excellent biological effect and highly efficient producibility in bispecific antibodies it forms thanks to its compact structure of single chains. The cooperation will give full play to the parties' respective advantages in terms of R&D, production, and commercialization resources, to accelerate the successful marketing of novel drugs so as to meet patients' needs more quickly." said Dr. Jingsong Wang, Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of HBM. "As a global and innovative biopharmaceutical company, HBM has been working together with many pharmaceutical companies in China and abroad in early co-discovery, development, and clinical cooperation for different targets and multiple major diseases. In the future, HBM wishes to continue exploring innovative cooperations with domestic and international pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the expansion of Chinese and international markets," he added.

Dr. Wenqi An, General Manager of Hualan Genetic, said, "Business of antibody drugs is one of the core strategic directions for the future development of Hualan Genetic. Previously, Hualan Genetic has successfully completed R&D of 7 monoclonal antibody drugs and established an antibody-drug production line with a scale of 10,000L. Hualan Genetic is on the development path transiting from the production of monoclonal antibody generic drugs to R&D of products concentrated on the latest antibody technologies (such as innovative drugs of bispecific antibody and nanobody). Hualan is very pleased to cooperate with HBM to accelerate our arrangement in innovative product pipeline and accomplish the upgrade from biosimilars to bio-innovative drugs."


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