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New Year Letter of Sympathy to the Patients with Hemophilia from Hualan Biologicals

The patients with hemophilia:


All creatures will take a completely new look in the coming new year. On the occasion of the arrival of the lunar dragon year, Hualan Bio would like to extend her sincere greetings and holiday blessings to the hemophiliacs and their families nationwide. May everybody a happy New Year and a happy family!
Hualan Bio always adheres to the corporate philosophy of “Dedicating for Human Healthcare”, makes unremitting efforts for drug supply (Factor VIII, PCC) to the hemophiliacs for long term. In 2011, part of plasma stations of Hualan Bio was closed down; the raw plasma dropped more than 50%, and brought a tremendous pressure on the production and supply. Facing the acid test, Hualan Bio actively responded, through a series of initiatives including improvement of production technology, increasing unit productivity, the sales in 2011 of Factor VIII and PCC maintained a large growth compared with 2010, in 2011 nearly 200,000 set of PCC (2 million IU) were on the market, increased more than 40% compared with 2010.
Since Dec. 2011, PCC for type B hemophilia patients was in supply shortage in 23 provinces of China, many patients have to endure the pain, even the mortality risks. Ministry of Health, SFDA, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other ministries has paid a great attention to this. On Dec. 9th, 2011 Dr. Chen Zhu, Minister of Health, called Mr. An Kang, Board Chairman of Hualan Bio, for asking the manufacturing and distribution of PCC, hoping that Hualan as a key manufacturer increase the productivity, ensure its product quality and safety, promote a permanent mechanism for sustainable supplying of human plasma products. On Dec. 11th, Minister Chen Zhu went to Beijing Blood Center and required his potion of plasma specifically being assigned to Hualan Bio. This is not only the recognition and encouragement of Ministry of Health, but also the great trust and expectations to Hualan Bio.
In the New Year, under the leadership of the Ministry of Health and other ministries, Hualan Bio will continue to do the best for manufacturing and distribution of PCC and Factor VIII, and through the emergency number800-883-2008 for the hemophiliacs, protect the emergency medicine for hemophiliacs.
Finally, we wish the happy New Year; enjoy good health and a happy family and good luck to the hemophiliacs.
Huanlan Biological Engineering Inc.  
Jan. 20th 2011