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The Symposium for R&D cooperation of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Hualan Biologicals was succ

On Sep. 6th, Fang Xin, Deputy Secretary of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Zhi-bin Director of Bureau of Life and Biotechnology Chinese Academy of Sciences inspected Hualan Biologicals, had a symposium for R&D cooperation of biotechnology with Hualan Biologicals. YI Xian-rong, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department of Henan Province, Xinxiang City Mayor Li Qing-gui and other relevant leaders attended the symposium and made ​​an important speech.


Reviewed the fruitful achievements in biotechnology field in recent years through the cooperation between Hualan Biologicals and Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Institute Pasteur of Shanghai, and had a deep discussion on the future cooperation direction and mode. For more in-depth cooperation, Bureau of Life and Biotechnology Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hualan Biologicals signed a letter of intent “Jointly setting up the Biotechnology Innovation and Industrialization Fund of Chinese Academy of Sciences”. Fang Xin, Deputy Secretary said that Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hualan Biologicals in recent years received a significant effect on research, development and manufacturing, the Chinese Academy of Sciences have advantages of talent and scientific research, Hualan Biologicals is the leading enterprise in biological pharmaceutical industry of China, can complement the advantages with each other, while they have a common philosophy, and are committed to the development of Chinese biotechnology, citizens' lives and health, believe under the support of government at all levels, the cooperation would get a success.