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Strengthen Cross-strait Cooperation and Exchange; Hualan Biologicals signed a cooperation intention

On Mar. 23th, 2012 "the 2012 Henan Taiwan Symposium for Industrial Cooperation and Exchange" was held in Zhengzhou, in witness of Mr. Shi Ji-chun, the Minister of United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee of Henan Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Xu Ji-chao Vice Governor and Mr. Wu Bo-xiong, the Honorary Chairman of Taiwan Kuomintang, Hualan Biologicals signed a letter of intent of vaccine R&D for cooperation with Taiwan ADIMMUNE CORPORATION. This is the leading vaccine manufacturer in Taiwan, has years of experience in vaccine R&D and production. The signing of the letter of intent will greatly enhance and promote the exchanges and cooperation of science and technology between cross-strait and common develop the health of cross-strait.