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Dr. Chen Zhu Payed Close Attention to Human Coagulation Factor IX Manufacturing

Recently, an indispensable drug PCC for type B hemophilia patients was in supply shortage in 23 provinces of China, including Beijing, many patients have to endure the pain, even the mortality risks. Heard the news, on Dec. 9th, 2012, Dr. Chen Zhu, Minister of Health, called Mr. An Kang, Board Chairman of Hualan Bio, for solving the issues in the manufacturing and distribution of PCC, and express his willingness to donate  plasma at Fengqiu Plasma Donation Center affiliated to Hualan Biologicals, due to the time schedule, finally he donated the plasma at Beijing Blood Center. On Dec. 11th, Minister Chen Zhu went to Beijing Blood Center and requried his potion of plasma specifically being assigned to Hualan Biologicals. At the same time he appealed to the society for paying more attention to the plasma donation, Dr. Chen Zhu said:” blood donation and plasma donation are all the life-saving philanthropic benefaction, and playing as a symbol of social harmony and civilization. I hoped more and more people could participate into this noble activity and the whole community should establish the awareness of “non-remunerated blood donation is a glorious practice; remunerated plasma donation is also a glorious practice”.


At the same time, Minister Chen Zhu wrote a letter to Mr. An Kang, Board Chairman of Hualan Biologicals, highly praised Hualan Bio vaccine and medicine donation with the value of more than 36 million RMB to the Wenchuan earthquake stricken area in 2008 and its fast reaction for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness of Influenza A (H1N1) in 2009 and producing large quantity of high quality vaccine in a timely manner. He fully affirmed Hualan Biologicals’ contribution as a national authorities appointed biological product manufacturing enterprise, can come forward in the emergency situation to solve the difficulty for the country and people. In the face of the supply shortage of PCC (Factor IX) and other plasma products, Minister Chen Zhu also sincerely hoped Hualan plays as a key manufacturer could under the authorities’ coordination and people’s support,  increase the productivity, develop new plasma donation centers according to the laws and regulations, ensure its product quality and safety, promote a permanent mechanism for sustainable supplying of human plasma products. Minister Chen Zhu also emphasized, plasma products is not sheer a commodity, and also different from chemical synthesis drugs, because it comes from our human blood, which means life and hope and means of the society’s love, civilization, and harmony. He hope that under the efforts of the whole society and full support of enterprises with social responsibility, in the concerted to realize the goal of effectively supplying the human plasma products at early schedule.


Minister Chen Zhu donated a portion of his plasma to Hualan Bio, which gave a great encouragement and support to the manufacturer, on behalf of the great trust and expectation of Minister Chen Zhu. Hualan Bio will make all efforts to organize and distribute the product of PCC and also appeal the community to pay sufficient attention to the shortage donation of plasma for producing the plasma products and by people’s proactive action for donating the plasma to express their love, caring and lifesaving spirits.

Pay Close Attention to Human Coagulation Factor IX Manufacturing