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Concern about Hemophilia and Build the Healthy Great Wall for Life

Perhaps you know nothing about hemophilia, but this disease has raged for hundreds of years and took lives of countless people. Hemophiliacs are born not able to synthesize a protein called coagulation factor and live on the continuous transfusion of coagulation factor derived from blood of healthy people. Besides, the great development of modern medicine can't still eradicate this disease today. In order to commemorate Mr. Frank Schnable, the founder of the World Hemophilia Federation, also to stimulate more people to hemophilia with a correct understanding and concern, April 17 of each year had been regarded as the "World Hemophilia Day" since 1989. In this day of each year, the World Hemophilia Federation holds various activities to help the haemophiliacs in the world. Today is the 24th World Hemophilia Day, what we can do for those haemophiliacs who are fighting for illness in their whole lives?


As a national high-tech enterprise and also as one of the leading enterprises in the biological products field, Hualan Bio. under the tenet of "all for people’s health", has made continuous efforts to ensure the supply of medicines for haemophiliacs (coagulation factor VIII , prothrombin complex).
In 2011, with the shut of many blood plasma stations, the source plasma used to produce blood products had been in the unprecedented shortage. The raw material supply of Hualan decreased above 50%. As a small number of enterprises with production capacity of blood coagulation factor VIII, prothrombin complex which are necessary medicines for haemophiliacs, the decrease of raw material of Hualan Bio. means that the health and life of a large number of  haemophiliacs will lose protection. National Ministry of Health, SFDA, and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pay great attention to this phenomenon. Chen Zhu, Minister of National Ministry of Health sent a letter to Hualan to know the production and supply of coagulation factor preparations, and hope Hualan to make its greatest efforts to form a long-term mechanism of guaranteeing supplies of plasma products. On Dec. 11 of 2011, he went to donate the blood at Beijing Blood Collection Center, and said that his blood was used to produce coagulation factor preparations in Hualan, making his contribution to help haemophiliacs.
Hualan Bio. bears the ardent hopes of many haemophiliacs and countless caring people, has a positive response of the tight supply and demand situation, gives up the economic interests initiatively. By adjusting the product structure, improving the production process and strict quality control, Hualan increases its supply of the blood coagulation factors VIIIand prothrombin complex nearly more than 40%than in 2011 although the raw materials are greatly decreased. In the first quarter of 2012, Hualan further increases the production and supply of the coagulation factor products. Hualan produced 36000 bottles of the blood coagulation factor VIIIand 58000 bottles of prothrombin complex with 80% market share in similar products in China.
While increasing production and market supply, Hualan has vigorously carried out non-profit social activities. By a toll free telephone 800-883-2008, Hualan established the green channel for haemophiliacs and served a large number of life-saving drugs for many patients who needed them most. Through Henan Charity Association, Hualan launched a charity named “Plan of Lightening Life” to provide free medicines for haemophiliacs aged 0-4 years old in Henan Province and to help some of children from poor families perform inactive treatment.
On the 17 April, World Hemophilia Day, hualan Bio promised to haemophiliacs in China on this special day: we will do our best to secure the production and market supply of coagulation factor products, to protect the health and interests of haemophiliacs. We also appeal to all the kind-hearted persons: let’s take actions to care about hemophilia and build a healthy great wall for life!