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Questions and answers on immunization and vaccine safety continued

Questions and answers on immunization and vaccine safety continued

3. Do vaccines provide better immunity than natural infections?

Vaccines interact with the immune system to produce an immune response similar to that produced by the natural infection, but they do not cause the disease or put the immunized person at risk of its potential complications. In contrast, the price paid for getting immunity through natural infection might be cognitive impairments from Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) or liver cancer from hepatitis B virus.

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4. Do I need to be protected against influenza through vaccination?

Influenza is a serious disease that kills between 300 000 to 500 000 people worldwide every year. Pregnant women, small children, elderly people with poor health and anyone with a chronic condition, like asthma or heart disease, are at higher risk for severe infection and death. Vaccinating pregnant women has the added benefit of protecting their newborns (there is currently no vaccine for babies under 6 months).

Seasonal influenza vaccines offer immunity to the 3 most prevalent strains circulating in any given season. It is the best way to reduce your chances of severe flu and of spreading it to others and have been used for more than 60 years. Avoiding the flu means avoiding extra medical care costs and lost income from missing days of work or school.



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